Skin type V


On the Fitzpatrick skin complexion scale, the people of color most commonly belonging to the
the brown-skinned group are categorized in the skin type V. People on this skin type spectrum are
darker than olive-skinned individuals, and lighter in complexion than those with deep brown
tones. Skin complexion in this category range from warm gold hues to deep caramel browns. If
you are one of those individuals belonging to skin type V, then you are blessed with warm-toned,
brown skin with hues of gold streaks and deep undertones.
People with African American ethnicities and Asian, Middle Eastern roots mostly rock this skin
type. The famous people who fall under this skin tone radar are Beyonce, Tyra Banks, and
Mindy. All these ladies rock the deep brown tones that look quite glowing and radiant.
People with such skin tone mostly have luminous skin. Although not everyone is blessed with
flawless skin, and some skin concerns are common for each skin type. Some of them are as

* Adverse Effects of Sun Exposure
Individuals with skin type V do not burn with sun exposure, yet they tan extremely easily. Sun
exposure among these individuals results in slight skin darkening as it causes rapid production of
melanin. So, although you are safe from sunburns, dark tans and pigmentation can definitely
impact your skin negatively. In fact, the tanning due to sunburns mostly occurs as even darker
spots than your own skin complexion.

* Pigmentation & Aging
The pigmentation due to sunlight mostly affects the exposed areas and face. It is common for
brown-skinned people to notice darkened areas around the mouth, forehead, and on the hollows
of cheeks. The visible signs of sun exposure in brown-skinned individuals are accelerated
photoaging, fine line formation, and sunspots.
 Risk of Skin Cancer
Additionally, the risk of skin cancer among skin type V due to sun radiation is quite low.
Therefore, it is essential for even people of color to opt of sun protection to avoid skin conditions
in the longer run.

* Skin Dullness & Uneven Skin Tone
However, they are not prone to uneven skin tone, pigmentation, and dullness. Excessive sun
exposure without protective measures majorly results in uneven and patchy skin tone. Other than a sunburn, discoloration and uneven skin tone is also observed in individuals of skin type V due
to harsh chemical treatments, acid peels, and lack of proper skin hydration.

* Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)
Another common and persistent issue is the reaction of melanin stimulation caused due to
common skin grievances such as acne, eczema, sebum irregularities, and dermatitis. The melanin
overproduction causes Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation that results in dark patches and
stains. PIH is a worsening skin condition that takes a long time to heal and requires active care
and prevention.

* Scarring & Acne
While it is a great thing that people with brown skin have regulated and enhanced collagen
production it also results in keloid scars due to scars and injuries. These scars take long periods
to fade away.