You want to beautify the nails on your pretty hands. That’s great.

But as much as you want to look gorgeous, you should consider the health implications of a manicure or pedicure.

You must therefore

  • Ensure that you get your manicure and pedicures done within a licensed nail salon.
  • Ensure the salon you conduct your manicure in visually appealing – it should not be disorganized and unkempt. You should ensure that the attendant adheres to Hygienic principles.
  •  Equipment should be sparkling clean. They must be scrubbed and sterilized before any client uses them. The manicurist or pedicurist must also use new pair of gloves for each client.
  • It’s advisable to use your manicure and pedicure instruments. You can invest in some as it is safer.
  • Keep your cuticles intact. Don’t let them be cut. Cutting your cuticles exposes you to bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. Tell the pedicurist or manicurist to push back your cuticles.
  • Don’t fine the surface of your nails. Thinned nails take a long time before they are restored.
  • Don’t shave your legs close to a pedicure. It makes your skin further prone to bacteria.


Complementing your beauty is great, but don’t compromise your health while doing so.

Ensure you follow the tips above to stay safe as you get your manicure and pedicure done.